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Micromecanic Watches

Special machines - high technology assembly equipment for demanding accuracy

In the field of micro assembly, Baldelli Automation provides a specific solution to each application taking into account the flexibility, production volumes required to automate processes and desired level of scalability.

Our solid experience in the assembly of miniaturized products allows us to master the technic of the most stringent micro assembly process, such as :

  • High accuracy assembly with with countinous vision inspection or executed according to a prior measure
  • Welding and laser cutting of miniature and / or sensitive components
  • Glue, resin dispensing and on site UV curing
  • Contacts cutting, folding and insertion
  • Folding, bending
  • Micro components insertion with force and distance control

Products :

Watch supplies, micro-switch, connectors, micromotors, pump, pen, lighters, mini speakers