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Special machines, assembly, testing, automatic or semi-automatic packaging

In this sector, we have an unparalleled expertise. Suppliers of reputed brand names are part of our large customer base.

A complete range of standard and approved platforms, allows Baldelli Automation to provide her customers the best solutions. Manual, semi-automatic or automatic cells allow optimum return on investment.

We master the following techniques :

  • Assembly, welding and riveting of thermal probes.
  • Automatic folding and bending.
  • Test and electric control.
  • Assembly, alignement of micromotors.
  • Silicone, UV glue dispensing and curing.
  • Quality control with automatic vision inspection.
  • Alignement, reference target and offset by vision.

Products :

Airbag, LED, fuel injectors sensors, micromotors, captors, thermal probes, valves and micro-valves.